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Gardens, Parks and Plazas in Oaxaca de Juárez
by Ron Mader


Al que buen árbol se arrima, buena sombra le cobija.
- Dichos

Carbajal Garden @ Oaxaca 04.2012

FLICKR ALBUM: Oaxaca City's Gardens, Parks and Plazas

Oaxaca City has numerous gardens, plazas and parks. Check out our Foursquare List.

RECOMMENDATION -- If you have limited time, visit the Zócalo, Llano Park and Cerro Fortin.


Alameda de Leon - Cerro Fortin - Labastida Park - Conzatti Park - Ciudad de las Canteras - Plazuela de Carmen Alto - Carbajal Garden - Jardín del Pañuelito (Little Handkerchief Garden) - Plaza de la Danza - Sócrates Garden - San Pablo Garden - Tequio - Paseo Juárez, El Llano Park - Zócalo

Alameda de Leon
One of the oldest parks in the city, this plaza is located across from the Cathedral, northwest of the Zócalo. Inaugurated in 1843, the park boasts a statue of General Antonio de Leon, the governor who created this place with his secretary Benito Juárez. Each morning army troops raise the green, white and red around 7am.

The Zócalo (town square) is one of the most popular places in town. Details ...

Cerro Fortin
Cerro Fortin overlooks the city and has several kilometers of biking and hiking trails. There are fine views of Monte Albán from the planetarium.

Labastida Park
Located along Abasolo between Alcalá Street and 5 de Mayo, this park sports a limestone foundation from the 17th century and equally historic 'caja de agua' which was used for storing water during the colonial era. Artists exhibit paintings during the day and sell regional crafts, including jewelry, Teotitlán weavings and black pottery. Businesses that border the park include Amate Books, El Topil restaurant, the Camino Real hotel, Los Cuiles and a number of venues in the Plaza de las Virgenes.

Conzatti Park
Located on the north side of the city, the park (formerly a private garden) is a beautiful quiet space. There are tasty tamales for sale on the northwest corner in the mornings from 8am-10am. Photos!

Ciudad de las Canteras
The quarries that were mined for cantera, a compressed volcanic ash, also known as tufa. This green stone was used throughout the city's public buildings and churches. In the 1950s mineral veins were diminishing and the quarry was abandoned and used as a garbage dump. In 1992 the state government cleaned up the area and converted the dump into park. Ciudad de las Canteras is located east of town on Calzada Niños Héroes de Chapultepec and next to soccer stadium Estadio Benito Juárez (named after the president).

Plazuela de Carmen Alto
Located between the Oaxacan Graphic Arts Institute (IAGO) and the Carmen Alto Church and a half block north of Santo Domingo. The Palo Verde blooms in brilliant yellow in the spring. This tree is native to the Isthmus. There are also bushes called muitle with orange blossoms.

Carbajal Garden
Located on Alcala Street between Cosijopi and Xólotl, three blocks north of Santo Domingo, this small garden is frequented by skateboarders in the late afternoon. Most of the trees on the south side are ficus. Look closely and you can spot a poplar (alamo), a few causarinas and a water-sucking eucalyptus. Close to the big doors are two huaje trees planted in 2012.

Jardín del Pañuelito (Little Handkerchief Garden)
Located south of Santo Domingo on Gurrion Street, this small garden has a beautiful jacaranda tree which blooms in the spring.

Plaza de la Danza
Just west of the Basilica, this plaza hosts numerous cultural events and concerts.

Sócrates Garden
On the east side of the Basilica, a half dozen ice cream vendors sell regional sweets in this intimate plaza.

Jardín San Pablo (San Pablo Garden)
Across from the Provedora Escolar bookstore on Independencia and Fiallo. The small park is located where the gardens of 16th century San Pablo.

Morelos Garden
Three blocks east of the Alameda on Calle Madero.

Plaza del Artesano
Dr. Ramón Pardo, in between Armenta y Lopez and Bustamante.

Ciudad Universitaria (CU)
Located on the south side of town across from the firehouse and Fabricas de Francia, this university sports park has basketball courts, a baseball field, rugby and a running track. Photos

This park is located near the airport. It has a running track and swimming pool. To get there, take a collectivo from Simbolos Patrios marked with La Raya, Aeropuerto or El Tequio.

Botanical Garden
There is a botanical garden outside of town nearby San Andrés Huayapam.

Paseo Juárez, El Llano Park
This park is located one block west and six blocks north of the Zócalo. It's one of the oldest parks in the city and is dedicated to Oaxaca-born President Benito Juárez. Oaxacan governor Gregorio Chávez planted several trees in 1894 when the park was inaugurated.

You'll find the monument to Benito Juárez on a pedestal decorated with grecas inspired by the Mitla archaeological site. Look for the tall ash (fresno, or fraxinus uhdei) with the 'copa de oro' plant wrapped around the trunk. This tree was planted by Chávez who also constructed the Benito Juárez Market and the old train station. He also planted a number of laurel trees, including one that has been 'repaired' with bricks.

The park's other notable trees include a higo de valle planted by General José María Morelos in the winter of 1812-1813. The city of Palo Alto gave a white oak (cedro blanco) to its sister city of Oaxaca de Juárez.

There are also several trees from Australia, including araucarias and eucalptus.

This park was once used for the city zoo which closed in 1970. The entrances were marked by the bronze lions still standing guard at the corners of the park.

A beautiful day to visit is December 12th when the park is filled with family amusements to celebrate the Virgen of Guadalupe at the Guadalupe Sanctuary. Elsewhen during the year, on Fridays during Lent male students hand out flowers to the pretty girls. Whoever receives the most flowers wins bragging rights!

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