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PLANETA Presents 2005 Colibri Ecotourism Award to Jennifer Morfín Morgan


Publication Date: June 2005


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MEXICO CITY -- To celebrate World Environment Day, presented the fifth annual Colibri Ecotourism Award to Jennifer Morfín Morgan.

Left to right: Ron Mader (, Jorge Chávez, Marlene Ehrenberg, Fernando Aguinaco, Jennifer Morfín, Antonio ("Febo") Suárez, Emilio Kifuri (president, Canyon Travel)


First presented in 2001, the Colibri Award is presented to a leadert working toward ecotourism in Mexico.


The winner of the Colibri Award is selected by founder Ron Mader with consultation from members of the Mexico Ecotourism Network.

Jennifer was selected for her work with communities and in making high tech tools useful for those developing ecotourism.

Colibri means 'Hummingbird' in Spanish and the Colibri Award is celebrating its fifth anniversary in 2005. The winner of the annual award receives a trophy, diploma and a $1,000 cash award from Emilio Kifuri, president of Canyon Travel.


CRITERIA presents the Colibri Ecotourism Award to those whose work in Mexico is exemplary and who share what they learn. Good ideas require good work to come to completion and good work needs to be documented so that lessons can be shared.

Nominees participate by helpful edits, connecting using Web 2.0, Planeta Wiki or contribute editorial suggestions for at least a year. Bonus points are given to those who participate on other websites and forums. This is part of's desire to create incentives for communication, collaboration and continuity, all vital elements in the development of responsible travel and ecotourism.

"Ecotourism depends on the leadership of individuals who are resourceful and innovative and who are bold enough to bridge the traditional divisions between tourism and the environment," said founder Ron Mader.

"Mexico is one of the world's mega diverse countries with one of the most successful tourism industries," said Emilio Kifuri. "If ecotourism is ever to overtake the senseless destruction of the world's natural areas, it certainly has to develop at a much faster pace. We feel fortunate to be in a position to demonstrate to the tourism industry that ecotourism can be more profitable than mainstream tourism. It is this potential for profit that has the greatest ability to cause the most profound changes." will participate in several environmental events in Mexico City during the World Environment Day weekend and will present the Colibri at the Xochimilco Gardens.

"If we desire to make our cities greener, making tourism greener is a great step forward," said Mader, adding that urban ecotourism is a reality in Mexico City with such pioneering projects as the ciclovia (bike path) and the hiking and biking trails in the Ajusco mountains. is no stranger to city-based nature tourism, having hosted the 2004 Conference on Urban Ecotourism. Participants at that event agreed upon the Urban Ecotourism Declaration, a collective response to a common challenge -- making urban spaces more livable while protecting biodiversity.


Jennifer Morfín Morgan's interest in ecotourism began when she began working at the Mexican Nature Conservation Fund (FMCN) and took part in several online conferences hosted by to see whether tourism could benefit conservation.

Jennifer's work with communities goes back 10 years. She received her bachelor's degree in International Affairs at Mexico City's Universidad Iberoamericana and recently received a masters degree in Sustainable Tourism Management from the International Cooperation University of Costa Rica.

Her tenure at the FMCN began in 2000 and she was part of a team that created the Mexican Conservation Learning Network (IMAC). Jennifer's work at IMAC until 2006 was that of a web-savvy training manager specializing in sustainable tourism and wildfire management.

Jennifer describes her work as a way that connects conservation in the natural world with improving communication using a variety of media: "I believe that promoting communication among institutions and communities links people with similar interests in a way that encourages transparency and sustainable development," she said. "Sustainable development has renewed purpose when we use current technology to improve not only what we know, but how we collaborate and learn new things that improve our quality of life."

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Jenny is one of the most dedicated people I know in the conservation field, besides being one of the most efficient people I have worked with! Certainly she deserves it!
- Edna Aguinaga

Totalmente de acuerdo con que Jennifer sea este año la ganadora del Premio Colibrí. Me entusiasma la idea. Más allá de que sea una amiga. Poca gente hay en iniciativas ligadas a gobierno que hayan favorecido al ecoturismo, Jennifer es una de ellas, quien además tiene un gran entusiasmo.
- Fernando Garcia Aguinaco

I completely agree with Jennifer's designation as a recipient of the 2005 Colibri Award. Her work in IMAC has been outstanding and she fully deserves this award.
- Hector Ceballos-Lascurain

Of course Jennifer has all the qualifications for the Colibri Award. She has done a marvelous work and her dedication to the cause is remarkable.
- Verena Gerber

Excelente la propuesta para que Jennifer sea acreedora al Premio Colibrí 2005.
- Angel Nieva


The United Nations General Assembly established the first World Environment Day in 1972 to mark the opening of the Stockholm Conference on the Human Environment.

2005 WED

2005 spotlights green cities. Download information in English, Spanish and French. UNEP's international celebrations will be held in San Francisco. Check out what happened around the globe on World Environment Day! submited our Declaration on Urban Ecotourism (the theme of our recent online conference) to the organizers of World Environment Day. The declaration is a collective response to a common challenge -- making urban spaces more liveable while protecting biodiversity.


Thanks to the following for announcing the award: EMediawire, Impact Alliance,, United Nations Environment Programme, Visit Mexico Press


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