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FLICKR ALBUM: Indigenous

I acknowledge the traditional owners of the land on which we meet today.
- Popular expression in Australia

You cannot do good things to Aboriginal people. You can only do good things with Aboriginal people.
- Australia Says Sorry to Stolen Generation

If we don't all prosper together, then nothing will have been achieved.
- Eels, Stone Houses and National Heritage

The measure by which we should test our laws and our institutions is to ask how they work for the poor, the marginalized and the culturally distinct. It's never enough that they work well for the rich, well educated members of the dominant culture.
Larissa Behrendt, Perils, Real or Imagined (2005)

Building genuine partnerships with Aboriginal people isn't just about benefiting indigenous Australians. Perhaps non-Aboriginal Australia can learn from a people who have survived 60,000 years on this harsh continent. We will then be on the way to developing an equal partnership that makes Aboriginal health 'everyone's business'. Don't be put off if you are unsure how to proceed. Those ten women showed me, in a way I'll never forget, that you don't have to know the answers. You don't even have to know the questions. What you need to do for successful consultation is to know how to build trust, show respect, listen and not be hurried.
- Anthony Hillin, Walking the path together

It seems to me that if we can imagine the injustice then we can imagine its opposite.
- Paul Keating, (sampled in From little things big things grow)

To learn about the world through first-hand, one-on-one meetings with people from around the world is a valuable human experience. We discover universal themes of human culture. We become more aware that no matter where we live we are all confronting similar situations as we ultimately become a global community.
- Deborah McLaren, Rethinking Tourism and Ecotravel: The Paving of Paradise and How You Can Stop It

The buses pull up and out they all get, wander around for five minutes, and then off they go again. How can you show someone thousands of years of history and culture in five minutes?
- Jonathan Nadji, Kakadu National Park

You can't grow wealthy if you have treated your relatives right.
- Navajo saying

By sharing our cultures with each other we will learn. And once we learn we will know. And when we know we will understand. And when we understand we can appreciate each other. This is our vision for our people from the past, to the present and into the future.
- Aroha Crowchild, quoted online World Tourism Directory

I had many times paused at trade shows, poolsides and hotel lobbies and watched, from a safe distance, various ethnic spectacles and performances, almost choking on the Post-it Note mysticism. I couldn't help but feel that deep, rich cultures and traditions were too often reduced to dinner shows for the mobile rich ... In these brief, one-sided encounters, there is no chance to understand the people behind the dances and battle cries, no real celebration of a vibrant, living culture.
- Richard Bangs, The Quest for Kaitiakitanga: The Ancient Maori Secret from New Zealand

We cannot imagine that the descendants of people whose genius and resilience maintained a culture here through 50,000 years or more, through cataclysmic changes to the climate and environment, and who then survived two centuries of dispossession and abuse, will be denied their place in the modern Australian nation.
- Paul Keating, Redfern Aboriginal Australia Speech

Queen Isabella did not send Christopher Columbus on a voyage of discovery, she gave him a franchise that demanded that he exploit what he discovered for the mercantile gain of the franchise owner. In the new world, God would reward wealth, not understanding. It was exploited without ever being explored.
- Brian Fawcett, Cambodia: A Book for People Who Find Television Too Slow

A young crew of Spanish adventurers were dispatched into the heart of the North American continent to locate the mythical Seven Cities of Cíbola. They penetrated the continent to what is now Central Kansas. The trek of these conquerors amounted to the establishment of a line that would divide history and prehistory.
- Wes Jackson, Becoming Native to This Place

We are still more the cultural descenants of Columbus and Coronado than we are of the natives we replaced.
- Wes Jackson, Becoming Native to This Place

I came away from the WES gathering excited by the positive energy and the passion and commitment of countless people. However, I also came away with the realization that there is a tremendous 'divide' between the international agencies and the indigenous leadership. The buzzword in the research and at the conferences is that 'local people' need 'capacity building.' With all due sincere respect, I would like to suggest that there is also a need for 'capacity building' within the international agencies themselves.
- Consultant quoted in Reflections on the International Year of Ecotourism

Manaki Whenua, Manaki Tangata, Haere whakamua' (Care for the land, Care for people, Go forward)
- Maori proverb and the title of a 2007 photo exhibit

Hay que ganar la confianza de las indigenas.
- Conversation

In this cold commodity culture
Where you lay your money down
It's hard enough to notice
That all this world is holy ground
- Bruce Cockburn, The Gift

Many indigenous communities are based on a complex hierarchy of familial ties, which for many tourists from Western cultures where extended family ties are diminishing is a fascinating concept that they wish to view, experience and understand.
- Sue Beeton, Community Development for Tourism


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