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This is one of our most popular bibliographies and documents the best books about travel and tourism. Included are narratives and academic work. We spotlight books on tourism and indigenous people and ethical travel.

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Responsible Travel Handbook, 2006
- This anthology focuses on responsible tourism around the globe and was prepared by the editors of Transitions Abroad. Free download as PDF (2 megs)


Communication and Sustainable Tourism, 2006
- The summary is now available from the 2006 Communication and Sustainable Tourism E-Conference.
g Planeta Review


Catherine Mack and Laura Burgess
Ecoescape Ireland, Markham Publishing, 2008 (208 pages)
- Brand new guide to Ireland!


Martin Hughes
Slow Guide Melbourne, Affirm Press, 2007
g Slow Travel: Conversation with Martin Hughes
b Slow Guide Melbourne

slow guide melbourne

Martin Hughes
Slow Guide Sydney, Affirm Press, 2007
g Slow Travel: Conversation with Martin Hughes
b Slow Guide Sydney

Slow Guide Sydney

Beatrice Blake
The New Key to Costa Rica, Ulysses Press, 2009 (507 pages, $19.95)
- One of our all-time favorite books now enters its 18th edition. The classic eco guidebook highlights environmental conservation, biodiversity, cultural heritage and responsible tourism. The current edition highlights agrotourism, community-based tourism and conservation efforts in Costa Rica's rural countryside.
g Conversation with Beatrice Blake
g Planeta Review
b Author website
b Author blog
b Top 10 Travel Books - Transitions Abroad



Carol Patterson
Reinventure: How Travel Adventure Can Change Your Life
b Author website
b Author blog


Dan Shilling
Civic Tourism, Sharlot Hall Museum Press, Arizona, 2007 (118 pages)
g Conversation with Dan Shilling - Planeta Forum
g Civic Tourism Wiki
b Civic Tourism

Civic Tourism

Carol Patterson
The Business of Ecotourism, Trafford Publishing, 2007, 232 pages
- Third edition! This is a recommended 'how to' business handbook that addresses practical strategies for ecolodge and service developers. Learn how to succeed without compromising environmental principles.
g Conversation with Carol Patterson
b Author website


Leo Hickman
The Final Call, Guardian Books, 2007 (400 pages, $37.95)
- "In search of the true cost of our holidays"
g Q&A with Leo Hickman
b Q&A with Leo Hickman - Guardian
b What impact do our holidays have on the world?- Leo Hickman/The Guardian
b Author website


Carl and Erlet Cater
Marine Ecotourism: Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea, CABI, 2007 (307 pages, $110.00)
- This book covers economic, marketing, planning and regulation issues and considers the role marine ecotourism plays in raising awareness of the significance of seas and oceans to sustanable coastal livelihoods.
g All hands on deck - Carl and Erlet Cater
g Setting Course - Carl and Erlet Cater


Sue Beeton
Community Development for Tourism, Landlinks, 2006 (246 pages, $49.95)
- This book examines the integration of local communities and tourism development. Its highlights the value of strategic planning and community empowerment. Case studies document how things work around the world. The author also wrote Film-Induced Tourism.
g Planeta Review
g Community Tourism and the Hopi and Navajo - Sue Beeton
g Conversation with Sue Beeton


Tim Leffel
Make Your Travel Dollars Worth a Fortune
, Travelers' Tales, 2006, ($12.95, 226 pages)
- Tim Leffel's Make Your Travel Dollars Worth a Fortune is 'the contrarian traveler's guide to getting more for less.' He articulates a vision of travel common to many travelers and difficult to relay to others. He calls it 'contrarian travel' and he's onto something. Tim's unique perspective into 'budget travel' highlights a respectful mode of immersion available to most travelers.
g Planeta Review
g Conversation with Tim Leffel
b Author Website


Tim Leffel
The World's Cheapest Destinations,, 2005 (161 pages, $13.95)
- Cheap doesn't mean stingy. This book shows travelers where to get the most value in nearly two dozen countries. The author is a veteran international traveler and knows a number of tips for getting the most from your travel budget. This second edition is 40 pages longer than the first and is a terrific update. Also available as an e-book.
b Author Website
g Conversation with Tim Leffel


Mark Mann
The Gringo Trail, Summersdale Publishing, 1999
- Funny, devastating, clever, The Gringo Trail is a riotous mix of humor and scandal. It documents the travels of three Brits who go to South America for different reasons. Could be a good movie!
b Top 10 Travel Books - Transitions Abroad
b Interview - Three Monkey

Marcus Endicott
Vagabond Globetrotting 3: The Electronic Traveler in the New Millennium, Lulu, 2004
The definitive how-to book for world travel, Vagabond Globetrotting introduces readers to a great collection of resources and indispensable tips. Author Marcus Endicott is one of the pioneers in sustainable tourism and has written a book that stimulates and educates.
b Author website

William Least Heat-Moon
Blue Highways, Back Bay Books, 1999
- A masterpiece of travel writing, this book journeys along the backroads of the United States. The author says he wanted get to know the little towns and he recalls the extraordinary people who helped guide him toward a a greater sense of place.
b Top 10 Travel Books - Transitions Abroad
b Wikipedia


Sue Beeton
Film-Induced Tourism, Channel View Publications, 2005 (270 pages, $59.95)
- This book analyzes how films change our perception of place and is the first definitive work about film-based tourism. Highly recommended. The author also wrote Community Development for Tourism.
g Planeta Review
g Conversation with Sue Beeton


Stephen Benz
Green Dreams, Lonely Planet, 1998
- Mainstream media usually gives Latin America a raw deal. What passes as "hard news" highlights violent crime, political uprisings and natural disasters, while "soft news" (particularly tourism features) tout escapism from cruise ship extravaganza to resort paradise. This book is a welcome contrast and documents the author's desire to explore natural wilderness. It is a first-hand review of ecotourism on the ground in the Americas and raises pertinent questions for travelers and locals.
g Planeta Review

Bruce Chatwin
The Songlines
, Viking, 1987
- This book established the late author as one of the finest writer's in the English language. It also redefined the travel writing genre. Set in Australia, the book is a mix of fact and fiction and seeks to answer timeless questions such as why humans love to travel. Is the wandering life aberrant or truly the norm? Chatwin makes the case that travel is that what makes us human.
b Top 10 Travel Books - Transitions Abroad


Polly Pattullo
Last Resorts: The Cost of Tourism in the Caribbean, Cassell, 1996
- Tropical paradise might be a victim of its own success. This book reviews the social and environmental impacts of tourism industry and explores how to bring greater benefits to the region. Whether Caribbean society is turned into entertainment spectacle or given new respect depends on creating more positive interactions among locals and visitors..
b Author website
b Top 10 Travel Books - Transitions Abroad

Mark Bonta
Seven Names for the Bellbird: Conservation Geography in Honduras, Texas A&M University press, 2003

g Excerpt: Conservation Geography in Action


Michael Luck and Torsten Kirstges
Global Ecotourism Policies and Case Studies, Channel View Publications, 2002
Academic anthology that introduces case studies from different parts of the world and illustrates chances and constraints associated with the implementation of ecotourism concepts.


Richard Hammond
Green Places to Stay: From Beach Huts to Eco-Chic Hotels, All Over the World: Alastair Sawday, 2006 (288 pages, $21.95)
- This guide features the special places around the world that make vacations friendly for visitors and locals.
b Author website
g Q&A with Richard Hammond


Lee Jolliffe
Tea and Tourism, Channel View, 2006 (272 pages, $56.95)
- Tourists, traditions and transformations


Melanie K. Smith and Mike Robinson
Cultural Tourism in a Changing World, Channel View, 2006 (303 pages, $47.95)
- This anthology introduces the political and social implications of cultural tourism in a changing world. The book focuses on interpretation, authenticity and commodification, community participation and politics and cultural policy.


Shela Agarwal and Gareth Shaw
Managing Coastal Tourism Resorts, Channel View, 2007 (288 pages, $49.95)


David Timothy Duval
Tourism and Transport: Modes, Networks and Flows, Channel View, 2007 (327 pages, $99.95)


Stroma Cole
Tourism, Culture and Development, Channel View, 2007 (176 pages, $49.95)
- Hopes, Dreams and Realities in East Indonesia


C. Michael Hall, editor
Pro-poor tourism: Who benefits?, Channel View, 2007 (176 pages, $69.95)
- Perspectives on tourism and poverty reduction



David Fennell and David Mallory
Codes of Ethics in Tourism, Channel View, 2007 (186 pages, $37.95)
- This book reviews tourism studies.


Polly Patullo and Orely Minelli
Ethical Travel Guide, Earthscan, 2006 (320 pages, $22.50)
- Ethical Travel Guide features local providers in 60+ countries and international operators.
b Tourism Concern


David A. Fennell
Tourism Ethics, Channel View Publications, 2005 (416 pages, $49.95)
- This book presents a wide selection of readings, anecdotes and case studies. From the ethics of tipping to community participation, Tourism Ethics is highly recommended.
g Tourism Ethics (review)



Deborah McLaren
Rethinking Tourism and Ecotravel: The Paving of Paradise and How You Can Stop It, Kumarian Press, 2003
- Second edition! Excellent overview of the pros and cons of tourism as seen from the perspective of indigenous people. A must-read.
g Planeta Review
g Prologue
b Author website

Wes Jackson
Becoming Native to This Place, Counterpoint, 1996 (121 pages, $13.95)
- Highly recommended
b Author website


Sarina Singh, Editor
Aboriginal Australia, Oakland: Lonely Planet Publications, 2001
- One of the most interesting books of the year, this guide helps travelers understand the country's 50,000 year-old cultural tradition. More than 60 indigenous people contributed to the volume which provides detailed info about tours, sports and music. The guide explains how to visit Aboriginal culture as well as practical suggestions on tours.


Robert Keller and Michael Turek
American Indians and National Parks, University of Arizona Press, 2001
- One of the most influential books this year, this work examines the relationship of parks and Indian cultures. Remarkably, this story has not been well told -- until now. The authors point out that "one can find thousands of books about American Indians, a considerable body of literature about natural parks, but almost nothing linking the two." The book draws on extensive research and more than 200 interviews with Native Americans, environmentalists, park rangers and politicians. It also asks important questions such as what are the obligations owed to those displaced by park creation and do Aboriginal people have particular rights to their homelands?

Randy Smith
Crisis Under the Canopy/Drama Bajo el Manto Amazonico: Tourism and Other Problems Facing the Present Day Huaoroni, Abya Yala Press, 1993
- This pioneering book examines the conflicts among indigenous groups and tourism in the Amazon

Pierre Van Den Berghe
The Quest for the Other, University of Washington Press, 1994
- "Ethnic tourism" in Chiapas comes under scrutiny in this well-written tome by anthropologist Van Den Berghe. San Cristóbal has long been one of the hotspots on the "Gringo Trail" but never has one book attempted to explore the impact with much depth. Published the same year as the Zapatista Uprising, the book could use an update, but as is, it's an enlightening and engrossing tale.
b Top 10 Travel Books - Transitions Abroad


Tony Wheeler
Bad Lands, Lonely Planet, 2007, (327 pages, $14.99)
- The founder of Lonely Planet recounts travels in some of the most dangerous countries in the world.
g 2008 Book of the Year Winner!



C. Michael Hall and James Higham, editors
Tourism, Recreation and Climate Change, Channel View Publications, 2005 (320 pages, $49.95)
- The chief challenge in the coming decade will be developing solutions that lessen the environmental impact of transportation. The editors of this anthology have prepared the first comprehensive examination of the relationship between tourism and climate change. It's recommended reading for tourism professionals and policy-makers.



David Lira
Travel Advisory: Stories of Mexico, William Morrow & Company, 2000
- This collection of short stories is composed by a pro. Lida weaves together dark tales of witches, run-aways, maids, travel writers and exploitative tourists.
g Visiting the Witches of Veracruz


Anne Tyler
The Accidental Tourist, Ballantine Books, 2002 (352 pages, $14.95)
- Beautiful novel (and popular movie) about a self-centered travel writer who hates travel and anything out of the ordinary.

Anacristina Rossi
La Loca de Gandoca (The Crazy Woman from Gandoca), Educa Publications, 1999
- This Spanish-language novel is a mediation on the dangers of tourism development masquerading as ecotourism. Set in rural Costa Rica, the book attacks sham ecotourism as well as government and NGO bureaucrats reluctant to take a stand. Funny, sad, savvy and highly-recommended.
b Top 10 Travel Books - Transitions Abroad


Jorge Chávez de la Peña
Ecoturismo TAP, Editorial Trillas, 2004 (138 pages)
- Analysis of environmental tourism planning within Mexico. The book also includes a review of international tourism charters and declarations.

Philip Pearce
Tourist Behaviour, Channel View Publications, 2005 (241 pages, $44.95)
- This volume presents a tour of social processes which underpin contemporary travel.


G. Miller and L. Twining-Ward
Monitoring for a Sustainable Tourism Transition, CABI Publishing, 2005 (324 pages, $45.00)
- Subtitled "The Challenge of Developing and Using Indicators" this anthology reviews practices of establishing 'benchmarks.' Kudos to the authors for emphasizing that sustainable tourism is a dynamic process. That said, the book could be improved if it took account traveler experiences and in particular the use of the Web as a tool for sharing on-the-ground experiences.

Adam Jaworski and Annette Pritchard, editors
Discourse, Communication and Tourism, Channel View Publications, 2005 (249 pages, $74.95)
- Sociolinguists and sociologists team up to explore the tourism experience, performance and authenticity.


David A. Fennell
North America: Tourism Handbook, Channel View Publications, 2006 (123 pages, $56.95)
- Introduction to tourism in the United States, Mexico and Canada (Central America is excluded in this volume). Includes analysis of key issues, demand and supply and organization.


Richard Butler, Editor
The Tourism Area Life Cycle, Volume 1, Channel View Publications, 2006 (385 pages, $49.95)
- Researchers explain the 'tourism area life cycle' in heritage settings as well as the value of local involvement.


Richard Butler, Editor
The Tourism Area Life Cycle, Volume 2, Channel View Publications, 2006 (327 pages, $49.95)
- Researchers explain the 'tourism area life cycle' in spatial relationships and using the model in making predictions.


C. Michael Hall and Tuija Härkönen, Editors
Lake Tourism, Channel View Publications, 2005 (241 pages, $44.95)
- This volume presents a tour of social processes which underpin contemporary travel.


David Harrison and Michael Hitchcock, editors
The Politics of World Heritage, Channel View Publications, 2005 (186 pages, $54.95)
- Subtitled 'Negotiating Tourism and Conservation'


Derek Hall, Irene Kirkpatrick and Morag Mitchell, editors
Rural Tourism and Sustainable Business, Channel View Publications, 2005 (384 pages, $69.95)
- This anthology provides recent case examples focusing on rural tourism and sustainable development.


Dallen Timothy, editor
Shopping Tourism, Retailing and Leisure, Channel View Publications, 2003 (186 pages, $34.95)


C. Michael Hall and Stephen Boyd, editors
Nature-Based Tourism in Peripheral Areas, Channel View Publications, 2005 (320 pages, $49.95)
- Subtitled 'Development or Disaster'


Kreg Lindberg, Megan Epler Wood, David Engeldrum
Ecotourism: A Guide for Planners and Managers, Volumes 1 and 2, The International Ecotourism Society, 1993 and 1999
- Particularly interesting chapters are Andy Drumm's "New Approaches to a Community-based Ecotourism Management," and Simon McArthur's "Introducing the Undercapitalized World of Interpretation."

David Newsome, Ross Dowling and Susan Moore, editors
Wildlife Tourism, Channel View Publications, 2005 (299 pages, $49.95)
- This anthology reviews the role tourism plays in fostering wildlife conservation and developing responsible tourism in natural areas.


City Environments

Fred Bosselman, Craig Peterson and Claire McCarthy
Managing Tourism Growth, Island Press, 1999


Carol Patterson
The Business of Ecotourism, Trafford Publishing, 2007, 232 pages
- Third edition! This is a recommended 'how to' business handbook that addresses practical strategies for ecolodge and service developers. Learn how to succeed without compromising environmental principles. Includes CD and is available in a teacher's edition
b Author website



Herbert Hiller
Highway A1A , University Press of Florida, 2005 (445 pages, $24.95)
- One of our favorite writers details the ongoing transformation of Florida at the Edge


Kerry Lorimer, editor
CodeGreen, Lonely Planet, 2006 (215 pages, $19.99)
- This book is readers' choice for 2006 Travel Book of the Year. We would like to see more Lonely Planet authors at the helm, but there is no denying that the reviews are both lovely and inspiring.

Albert Teo and Carol Patterson
Saving Paradise: The Story of Sukau Rainforest Lodge, Sabah Handicraft Center, 2005 (220 pages, $15.00)
- Anyone who owns an ecolodge or who might want to build an eco lodge will be engaged by this book. Exceptional photos accompany a candid text that tells a great story.

Ray Gonzalez
The Underground Heart, University of Arizona Press, 2003
- Engaging stories about travel and tourism of El Paso native son returning to the borderlands to explore personal and geographical landscapes that he had forgotten. With an eye for kitsch and an awareness of injustice, the author provides a needed perspective about the significance of 'home.'


Dean MacCannell
The Tourist, University of California Press, 1999
- Subtitled "A new theory of the leisure class" this is a reprint of a well-regarded classic in the field of tourism.
g Planeta Review


Kimberly Lisagor and Outside Editors
Wilderness Lodge Vacations, Norton, 2004
- Great ideas for outdoor travel in North America. This book features more than 100 unique getaways. From backcountry huts to state-of-the-art ecolodges, there's something for everyone who loves the outdoors. Well-researched and well-designed, this book is highly recommended.

Buy this Book from Amazon

Victoria Schlesinger
Animals and Plants of the Ancient Maya, University of Texas Press, 2002
- This work combines the details of a scientific field guide with anthropological research. The result is outstanding. The author discusses the animals and plants most commonly seen in Mundo Maya. The book provides a synthesis of current research and will delight specialists and travelers alike. Excellent!
g Planeta Review
b Author website


Brian Garrod and Julie C. Wilson, editors
Marine Ecotourism, Channel View Publications, 2002
- An introduction to the concept of marine ecotourism, assessing its value as a sustainable development option. The first section examines the major issues involved in planning and managing marine ecotourism. The second section examines a range of experiences, based on case examples from around the world, of how those issues are being addressed in practice.


Alison Gardner
Travel Unlimited: Uncommon Adventures for the Mature Traveler, Avalon Travel, 2000
b Author website


Jeff Greenwald
Scratching the Surface: Impressions of Planet Earth from Hollywood to Shiraz, Regent Press, 2002 (272 pages, $18.00)
- Collection of 31 tales span the globe in this anthology of travel writing at its finest. Insightful, inquisitive and inspiring, Greenwald reminds readers of the transformative potential of exploring areas off the beaten path. Readers accompany the author around the world, and it's hard to sit still after reading this book.
b Author website



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