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Dialogue on Linking Tourism and Protected Areas
July 3-27, 2007


Publication date: 2007



The Dialogue on Linking Tourism and Protected Areas builds on discussion from the May 2007 UNEP/GRID-Arendal discussion Linking Tourism and Conservation which took place in Arendal, Norway, with the support of the Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity. Dialogue moderators will provide a weekly summary of the proposals.


The dialogue is hosted online by as a contribution to global dialogue. Click here to see the range of's capacity building workshops for parks personnel, tour operators and others working toward responsible travel and ecotourism.

The Dialogue on Linking Tourism and Protected Areas was's 19th formal e-conference (see index) and was moderated by Oliver Hillel and Chantal Robichaud, officers of the CBD Secretariat.


We ask participants in this dialogue to contribute their views, suggestions and share news about specific commitments (see key questions below). This dialogue will help foster creative partnerships to make these proposals better and more feasible, so that the tourism industry becomes more engaged in the long-term feasibility of the world's protected areas, undoubtedly one of their greatest assets and attractions.


We encourage you to submit your comments about the following proposals:

g Economic valuation of park tourism
g Tourism Resort Investment
g Good Practices linking tourism and protected areas
b Take the survey!


Key questions for participants:

  • Can you suggest ways to make these projects stronger and more feasible? Are there other activities that would contribute or other perspectives that need to be considered?
  • Can you identify sources of information (documents, research papers, websites) and/or expertise (specialists, institutions, practitioners) that can contribute to the project?
  • Would you, or your institution, be interested in contributing to the project? If so, please identify the areas of expertise and/or resources.
  • Would you have any suggestion on possible contributors and/or donors, institutions whose goals fit the project's objectives, or that would benefit from its implementation?


Dialogue moderators cannot guarantee that all suggestions will be incorporated in future versions of the proposal, and that projects will ultimately be implemented.


How can tourism contribute to financing the management of a global system of protected areas, as an essential part of a strategy to make sure that biodiversity stays with us?

The Convention on Biological Diversity brings together 190 government leaders, and was launched at the 1992 Rio Earth Summit. Based on three objectives (conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity, and fair and equitable sharing of the benefits arising from the use of biological resources), the Convention recognizes that biological diversity is about more than plants, animals and micro organisms and their ecosystems – it is about people and our need for food security, medicines, fresh air and water, shelter, and a clean and healthy environment in which to live. The Convention has developed a programme of work on protected areas and guidelines on sustainable tourism. The projects we'd like you to comment on are aimed at optimizing the links between these two natural partners.


BUDGET TIME - We ask active participants to budget sufficient time to prepare messages and to read other posts. An hour a week is usually sufficient.

CONSULT THE GUIDE - Please review the forum guidelines.

PREPARING MESSAGES - We suggest a word limit of 250 words or two or three short paragraphs. Instead of posting a long message, place it on another website and include the URL in your post.

INTRODUCE YOURSELF - Your first post should introduce your background and interest in tourism and protected areas. Let us know where in the world you work. If your work is documented online, include the URL.

SPELLLING - If you have software for spell checking, please use this technology and then copy and paste.

EXTRA CREDIT - Please read Conferences in the Virtual and Natural Worlds. Also, review our previous events. This will give you an idea about how past dialogues have been conducted. That said, each event has it share of surprises.


SPEAK UP - We ask active participants to post at least three messages during the dialogue.

SLOW DOWN - During the conference, please do not post more than five responses per week.


Thanks in advance to everyone for assistance in developing this event, including UNEP/GRID and CBD.

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