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Weaving the Web
by Ron Mader


This Planeta feature traces the development of the Web as a vital tool in the development of responsible travel, environmental conservation and ecotourism.

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With more than 30 conservations conducted over the past decade, Weaving the Web provides a unique snapshot of Internet-savvy journalists, environmentalists and activists.


g Conversation with Dan Shilling

g Conversation with Daniel Jaffee

g Conversation with Joshua Berman

g Slow Travel: Conversation with Martin Hughes

g South Pacific Travel: Conversation with David Stanley

g ECOCLUB: Conversation with Antonis B. Petropoulos
Partying in 1999 Antonis B. Petropoulos founded ECOCLUB, the International Ecotourism Club and has seen it develop into an award-winning network for ecological tourism with members in more than 80 countries.

g Green Places to Stay: Conversation with Richard Hammond
Richard Hammond is a journalist and author of Green Places to Stay: From Beach Huts to Eco-Chic Hotels, All Over the World. His website -- Green Traveller -- is a must read for those interested in ... green travel!

g Final Call: Conversation with Leo Hickman
Leo Hickman is a journalist and author of Guardian Book's The Final Call is one of our favorite books of the year.

g Ecotourism Q&A with Carol Patterson
Carol Patterson is the author of The Business of Ecotourism now in its third edition. This book has always been one of our favorites.

g Conversation with Jim Benning
Jim Benning lives in San Diego, where he teaches travel writing and makes frequent trips across the Mexican border. With fellow writer Michael Yessis, he launched World Hum.

g Conversation with Marcus Endicott
Marcus Endicott is the author of Vagabond Globetrotting and is working on the creation of artificial intelligence in virtual worlds.

g Conversation with Barry Blesser
Barry Blesser is the author of Spaces Speak which explores the aural experience of space.

g John Noble: Scouting Mexico's Landscape - 2007 UPDATE
Writing and editing one of the best-selling guidebooks about Mexico takes the author on an incredible road trip.

g Harry Pariser: Independent Publishing - 2007 UPDATE
Harry Pariser has opted for independent publishing to market his work.

g Conversation with Bill Hinchberger
Bill Hinchberger is the founder of BrazilMax.

g Conversation with Tim Leffel
Contrarian travel explained!

g Conversation with H. Peter Jorgensen
H. Peter Jorgensen spoke at the Practicing Sustainable Tourism Panel in Louisville earlier this year.

g Conversation with Michelle Kirby and Andres Hammerman
Ten years ago Michelle Kirby and Andres Hammerman founded the Black Sheep Inn in Chugchilan, Ecuador.

g Conversation with Sue Beeton
Sue Beeton is the author of the first definitive work about film-induced tourism, Film-Induced Tourism and Community Development for Tourism

g Conversation with Burkhard Herbote
Based in the city of Beckum, a small town in the German state of North Rhine-Westfalia, Burkhard Herbote hosts

g Listening to Locals: Conversation with Mark Bonta
Including locals in conservation starts with listening. Professor Mark Bonta is the author of the book Seven Names for the Bellbird.

g Ben Feinberg: Ritualizing Global Connections
Author of Devil's Book of Culture, Ben Feinberg describes shamanism in rural Mexico.

g Clay Hubbs: Transitions Abroad
Publisher Clay Hubbs discusses the past quarter century of publishing travel writing with an edge.

g Beatrice Blake, Anne Becher, Bruce and June Conord, Maribeth Mellin and Peter Hutchison: Costa Rica Conversation
Authors iscussed the development of ecotourism in Costa Rica and how the Web is used to improve communication.

g Ron Buchanan: Reporting from Mexico
Born in Scotland, Ronald Buchanan is a Mexico City-based journalist.

g Chris Shaw: Watershed Journeys
Christopher Shaw runs the great Usumacinta River on the border of Guatemala and Mexico.

g Rachel Dodds and Anna Gibson: Urban Ecotourism
Anna Gibson and Rachel Dodds lead the Green Tourism Association based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

g Chris Humphrey: Honduras 2.0
Chris Humphrey is the author of Moon Handbooks: Honduras and co-author of Moon's Mexico City Handbook. In late 1999 and early 2000 he surveyed Honduras for the second edition of the guidebook.

g John Shores: Raising Standards on the Web
John Shores authored the seminal essay "The Challenge of Ecotourism" and now gives a full account of his work on and off the Web.

g David McLaughlin: Mexico Connection
David McLaughlin created the Mexico Connect website, one of the few English-language sites actually based in Mexico.

g Serge Dedina: Saving the Gray Whale
Serge Dedina's book has become a hit, thanks to the swift conclusion of the Baja saltworks controversery. Here's the inside story on Mexican environmental politics.

g Michael Shapiro: Internet Travel Connections
Travelers using the web have Michael Shapiro to thank, particularly for his excellent guide Internet Travel Planner.

g Hector Ceballos-Lascurain: Ecotourism Champion
Author, architect, public speaker -- meet the pioneer credited with coining the term "ecotourism" and its preliminary definition back in 1983. This article is also available in Spanish

g Mark Mann: Beyond the Gringo Trail
Mark explains his motivations for writing the The Gringo Trail and his work promoting community tourism.

g Chris French: Ecotourism by a Mountain Lake
After 20 years of pioneering rural tourism in the state of Nayarit, this entrepreneur discusses responsible tourism in a mostly uncharted ecosystem.

g Joe Cummings: The Texas-Mexico-Asia Connection
Guidebook writer Joe Cummings expounds on global culture and the role the Web plays in helping travelers making the most of their journeys.

g Carla and Herb Felsted: Journeying Online Mexico
The publishers of "Mexican Meanderings" newsletter explain how they research and write about off-the-beaten-path venues that attract their combined love of Mexican history and culture.

g David Barkin: Creating Economic Alternatives for Farmers
David explains how he uses the web to interact with scholars.

g Hugo Licona: Showcasing American Football in Mexico
The creator of the American Football in Mexico website explains the role the Web in informing Mexicans of this popular sport.

g David Bray: Examining Mexico's National Forestry Policy
This accomplished academic takes on questions ranging from the role of foundations to combining academic research and development in Mexico.

g Molly Molloy: Finding Mexico Via Cyberspace
One of the pioneers gives her take on the role of the Internet in promoting alternative viewpoints about Latin America.


Ron Mader is the responsible travel correspondent for Transitions Abroad and host of the award-winning website.


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