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The one who does not play the guitar can sing a song; the one who does not sing a song can write a verse; the one who does not write a verse reads a book.
- Active Notebook

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JULY 2008 -- We celebrate World Environment Day with the 8th annual Colibri Award.

OAXACA, MEXICO - Visitors to the 2008 Rural Tourism Fair enjoyed direct, personal interaction with local tour operators, community representatives and artisans. Look for news about the globalized, scaled-up event online the Oaxaca Wikispace.

ONLINE - The Ecotourism Challenges Dialogue highlights ecotourism as a means of greening the tourism industry. We welcome first-hand accounts from New Zealand and Australia.

NEW ZEALAND - Tai Poutini Polytechnic hosted the Ecotourism NZ Conference in Greymouth. Updated resources on our forum include news about the Web 2.0 Workshop and the Ecotourism NZ Conference.

MEXICO - We celebrated World Environment Day with the 7th annual Colibri Award.

ONLINE - The Tourism and Migration Conference reviewed current work around the world.

AUSTRALIA -'s Ron Mader was invited by Aboriginal Tourism Australia to participate in the Business Development Symposium for Indigenous Tourism Operators.


NOVEMBER 2007 - Ron Mader participated in a live chat about community tourism with students at New York University.

SEPTEMBER-DECEMBER 2007 - The Ecotourism Challenges Dialogue highlights ecotourism as a means of greening the tourism industry in New Zealand and Australia.


NEW ZEALAND - Tai Poutini Polytechnic hosted the Ecotourism NZ Conference in Greymouth August 1-3, 2007. Updated resources on our forum include news about the Web 2.0 Workshop and the Ecotourism NZ Conference.

JULY 2007

OAXACA, MEXICO - We celebrated World Environment Day (June 5) with the 7th annual Colibri Award.

ONLINE - The Dialogue on Linking Tourism and Protected Areas is moderated by Oliver Hillel and Chantal Robichaud, officers of the CBD Secretariat. Participants are asked to contribute their views, suggestions and share news about specific commitments. This dialogue will help foster creative partnerships.

MAY 2007

ONLINE - The Tourism and Migration Conference reviewed current work around the world.


AUSTRALIA -'s Ron Mader was invited by Aboriginal Tourism Australia to participate in the annual Business Development Symposium for Indigenous Tourism Operators February 6-8. Ron also attended the 2007 Corroboree Indigenous Tourism Expo at the Sydney Opera House.


OAXACA -- Visitors to the Rural Tourism Fair enjoyed direct, personal interaction with local tour operators, community representatives and artisans.


SEMINARIO WEB was conducted in Guadalajara. Details


ETHICAL TRAVEL DIALOGUE -- What are the boundaries of ethical travel? Who owns the 'ethical' in ethical tourism? and Tourism Concern hosted the Ethical Travel Dialogue which reviewed efforts around the world "to make the tourism industry more accountable, more ethical and more satisfying to all." Details

ECOTURISO URBANO -- presented lessons learned from the Urban Ecotourism Conference at Ecoturismo Urbano y Vias Verdes.


Huatulco, Mexico -'s Ron Mader spoke at the Encuentro Internacional por la Naturaleza, part of Musica por la tierra. Details

APRIL 20-24, 2006 - EARTH DAY

Celebrate Earth Day


Louisville, Kentucky -- "The Benefits of Practicing Sustainable Tourism" was moderated by Frances Figart at the National Tour Association (NTA) Spring Meet. "If the travel industry does not think sustainably today, the tourism resources it depends on will be depleted in the not-so-distant future. This panel will explore the importance of sustainable tourism, define ecotourism, nature-based tourism and agritourism, and share examples of successful culturally responsible and ecologically sensitive tours." Details - Photo


Baltimore, Maryland -- The one day Responsible Travel Forum focused on educational travel with a priority focus on the positive economic impacts travel can have on local communities and places visited, while minimizing the ecological, social, and cultural impacts through pursuit of sustainable tourism agendas, traveler philanthropy and service/volunteer vacations, and support of eco-sensitive providers.

January 28, 2006

Oaxaca City -- A small festival among friends, the 2006 Rural Tourism Fair was the sixth annual event co-created by in Oaxaca City. The fair highlights rural tourism and brings together local travel providers, community leaders, media, government officials and inspired travelers for a few magical hours. Details

November 1-18, 2005

With EplerWood International, developed the Ecotourism Emerging Industry Forum to consult small, medium and micro enterprises on sustainable tourism policy approaches by donors, foundations and NGOs.

Jun 5, 2005

We celebrated World Environment Day (June 5) with our annual Colibri Award.

April - May 2005

The Rural Tourism Conference examined the best ways for travelers to visit areas outside of urban areas. Details ...

February 12, 2005

The Rural Tourism Fair was held February 12, 2005 in Oaxaca. Details ...

City Environments
September 20-Otober 8, 2004

Date: September 20-October 8, 2004


Date: July 25, Mexico City, Mexico

IMAC y invitaban a los webmasters de páginas de Internet en medioambiente y turismo, así como a profesionales que tengan interés en el tema de ecoturismo a participar en el taller.


From June 21-25th, Planeta hosted a private dialogue on conservation and birding with Seven Names for the Bell Bird author Mark Bonta. Excerpts are published on Planeta and an edited version was published in Honduras This Week in late July.


Date: June 5

g Colibri Award
b World Environment Day - UNEP


Date: April 22

g Earth Day Wishlist - Planeta


Date: February 26, Ecoclub

Ecocub hosted an online chat focusing on the 2004 Rural Tourism Fair


Date: February 5 and 6, Mexico City

Red Mexicana held two meetings in Mexico City to kick of 2004. A photo gallery and working notes from the February 2002 gathering are now online


Date: January 31, Oaxaca

The 2004 Rural Tourism Fair took place Saturday, January 31st in Oaxaca, Mexico. The event featured more than 20 exhibitors -- travel providers, artisans and community representatives and was attended by more than 200 people.


Date: December, 2003, Online

Marcus Endicott sponsored an online Green-travel event about seeking peace through tourism. Planeta's Ron Mader participated as a co-moderator of the discussion.

Second Annual Yucatan Bird Festival

Date: November 15 - 22, Merida, Yucatan
Ron Mader moderated a roundtable discussion on November 17th: Improving the Ecotourism Dialogue: Ethics of Responsible Reporting and Promotion (Eticas de Promocion para el Turismo Alternativa
Background Reading: Birdwatching in Mexico
Background Reading: The Coverage of Place - Rhodes Journalism Review

Expo Ecoturismo

Date: October 29-November 1, Ciudad Guayana, Venezuela
Ron Mader gave a keynote presentation on ecotourism and internet marketing and participated in a panel discussions on NGOs and certification.

g Pictures from Venezuela's Expoecoturismo
Background Reading: Marketing Ecotourism

Green Festival

Date: October 11-12, Austin, Texas, USA
Ron Mader gave a presentation about responsible travel and ecotourism at the Austin Convention Center.
Background Reading: Exploring Ecotourism

Latin America Media Project: New Ventures in Covering Latin America

Date: October 13, Austin, Texas, USA
Ron Mader gave a presentation about English-language coverage of Latin America at the University of Texas' Journalism Department. The presentation introduced the Latin America Media Project.

Environmental Impact of Transportation

October-November 2003
Conference Center
Background Reading: WWW Transportation Spotlight
The Environmental Impact of Transportation Conference examined the environmental impact of transportation at local, regional and international levels.

Rural Tourism Fair

Date: July 5, 2003, Oaxaca, Mexico
Planeta co-hosted this event focusing on rural tourism in Oaxaca. Community representatives and local travel companies were on hand to answer traveler quieries. Feature
Español: IMAC Profile

Colibri Award -- Exclusive

Date: June 5, 2003, Mexico City, Mexico
- Planeta presented the third annual Colibri Award on World Environment Day to Mexican journalist and photographer Fernando Garcia Aguinaco

Ethical Marketing of Ecotourism

June 17 - July 11, 2003
Conference Center
Background Reading: WWW Marketing Spotlight
Planeta's Ethical Marketing of Ecotourism Conference reviewed practical marketing strategies for ecotourism businesses and show consumers how they can make the best choice. We sought effective -- and ethical! -- strategies to promote sustainable tourism and related products and services.

Foro Nacional de Ecoturismo

June 3-4, 2003

Planeta webhost Ron Mader spoke about internet marketing for Mexico's ecotourism and adventure tourism. The event was organized by SECTUR

g Estrategias de Mercadotecnia
Details: Program - SECTUR Agenda: PDF Program
Feature: IMAC Profile
Forum: Red Mexicana de Ecoturismo

El Financiamiento del Turismo Sustentable en Mexico (Financing Sustainable Tourism in Mexico)

Planeta co-hosted this Spanish-language dialogue with the Mexican Conservation Learning Network (IMAC) on May 28-29th, 2003 in Mexico City. The archives have seen been removed from IMAC
Profile: IMAC
Background Reading: Financing Sustainable Tourism Summary (Tambien disponible en Español)
Forum: Red Mexicana

February 5-8,2003
Educational Travel Conference
Washington DC, USA

February 10, 2003
Web Workshop

Washington, DC

November 21-23, 2002
Pacific Economic Cooperation Council (PECC) Ecotourism Forum

- Webhost Ron Mader spoke at this conference in Ecuador

October 22-November 8, 2002
NGOs in Tourism and Conservation
-- Planeta Conference
- invites those interested in the role Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) play in the development of sustainable tourism.

October 31, 2002
Feria de Ecoturismo Oaxaqueño
-- Co-sponsored by Planeta
- Tourism providers, environmental ngos and government officials in Oaxaca presented their work

September 23-27, 2002
Reimagining Ecotourism in the Americas

-'s series of Reimagining Ecotourism Conferences resumed for one week.

September 27, 2002
Albuquerque, New Mexico
Online Conferencing for Tourism Professionals

- Workshop for the Anderson Schools of Management Tourism Management Association, University of New Mexico

August-September 2002
Financing Sustainable Tourism Conference
-- Conference
- presented a public online forum on developing the business side of ecotourism

July 2002
Ibarra Ecotourism Conference

- Webhost Ron Mader presented case studies of how ecotourism businesses prosper using the Internet at this conference held in Ecuador.

May 19-22, 2002
World Ecotourism Summit

- Webhost Ron Mader presented the results of the online Sustainable Development of Ecotourism Conference in Quebec.

May 2-5, 2002
Ecotourism and Conservation in the Americas: Putting Good Intentions to Work, Stanford University

- Planeta founder Ron Mader spoke at this international ecotourism conference hosted by the Department of Anthropological Sciences at Stanford University. (Dead link -

April 1-26, 2002
Sustainable Development of Ecotourism Conference

- The United Nations Environment Programme and World Tourism Organization asked's Ron Mader to host the official online preparatory conference for World Ecotourism Summit.

March 2002
Internet Workshop for Travel Providers

- Practical workshop for travel providers using the Web to develop and market their services.

March 5-20, 2002
Communities and Tourism
-- Planeta Conference
- We opened the year with a public online conference focusing on communities and tourism.

February 2002
Ecuador IYE National Conference, Guayaquil

- Webhost Ron Mader spoke at the national ecotourism conference.

February 21-24, 2002
IATOS Conference, Chicago

- Webhost Ron Mader attended the conference and participated in the discussion on sustainable tourism certification.

January 2002
Loreto, Mexico

- Webhost Ron Mader spoke at the annual meeting of the Sea Turtle Conservation Network of the Californias, hosted by Wildcoast.

November 1-16, 2001
Media, the Environment and Tourism Conference
-- Conference
- Is there a way to improve communications among journalists, environmental groups, government officials and travel providers? This conference assessed current relations and propose creative solutions to assist the various sectors.

October 31, 2001
Oaxaca's Alternative Tourism Open House
-- Co-sponsored by Planeta
- Tourism providers, environmental ngos and government officials in Oaxaca presented their work at an "open house"or "muestra turistica."

September 26-29, 2001
- Panama's CONETUR Conference
invited webhost Ron Mader to give a presentation on the use of the internet for tourism promotion.

September 24-28, 2001
Reimagining Ecotourism in the Americas

-'s series of Reimagining Ecotourism Conferences developed a broad regional forum to discuss sustainable tourism in the Americas.

October 4-8, 2001
Mastering the Web Workshop for Travel Providers

- This was our first private workshop for travel companies.

June 2001
Expo Aventura y Ecoturismo, Mexico City

- Mexico's first expo focusing on ecotourism and adventure tourism took place at the World Trade Center.

May 2001
Integrating Biodiversity and Tourism Conference

This United Nations-sponsored conference was held in Mexico City. We published the following documents online:
Integrating Biodiversity into the Tourism Sector - Hector Ceballos
The Role of the Internet in Integrating Biodiversity and Tourism - Ron Mader

May 2001
Green Building and the Tourism Industry

- We took a look at environment-friendly architecture and give special focus to ideas that can be incorporated into tourism infrastructure.

February 2001
Re-Imagining Central America Ecotourism Conference

-'s first gathering of ecotourism pros working in Central America.

January 2001
Ecotourism Certification Workshop

-'s conference focused on the evaluation and certification of eco services and place

November 2000
Re-Imagining South America Ecotourism Conference


September 2000
Re-Imagining Mexico Ecotourism Conference


June 30-July 1, 2000
Expo Aventura
, Mexico City
- Mexico's second annual Expo Aventura was a bigger success than the first. For those interested, here is the presentation from that event:

May 2000
North American Ecotourism Conference

- This was our very first online conferncing focusing on ecotourism in the whole of North America


Whale Watching and the Web, Baja California, March, 2001

The Role of the Internet in Integrating Tourism and Biodiversity, United Nations Gathering, Mexico City, Mexico, March 2001

The Potential of Ecotourism, Quito, Ecuador, World Tourism Day, November 2000

Suggestions for travel agencies entering Mexico's alternative tourism market, Expo Aventura, Mexico City, July 2000

Second International Congress of Adventure Tourism in the Huasteca, Ciudad Valles, San Luis Potosi, Mexico, March 2000

"Marketing Tourism Services on the Internet," Expo Aventura Organizational Meeting, World Trade Center, Mexico City, January 13

"Internet and the promotion of sustainable agriculture," Corn Production in the New Millennium Conference, Cuernavaca, Mexico, January 6-8, 2000. Yahoo Group

"What West Virginia can Learn from Ecotourism in Latin America," Growing Ecotourism in West Virgina, Thorn Run Inn, West Virginia, November 1999; yahoo group

"Ecoturismo en las Americas" International Workshop on Electronic Commerce and Sustainable Tourism in the Americas, Quito, Ecuador - October 1999

"Mercadeo de destinos alternativos en Mexico via Internet," First International Festival of Potosi Altiplano, Real de Catorce, San Luis Potosi, August 21, 1999. (See Planeta Feature: Adventure in a Desert Ghost Town)

"Ecoturismo en Mexico," Expo Aventura y Ecoturismo, Mexico City, July 1-3, 1999

"Perfil del Ecoturismo en La America Latina: Caso Mexico," (Spanish language presentation based on Latin American Ecotourism: What is it?), 3er Simposium sobre turismo y medio ambiente, Mexico City, Instituto Politecnico Nacional, June 9, 1999

"Improving Border Environmental Journalism," Science and Journalism Conference, Autonomous University of Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua - May 14, 1999

"Latin America's Ecotourism - What is it?," Princeton University, April 12, 1999

"Observaciones y surgencias para promover turismo alternativo," First International Adventure Tourism Congress in the Huasteca Potosina (Congreso Internacional Turismo de Aventura en la Huasteca Potosina, San Luis Potosi, March 17-21, 1999

"Review of Border Environmental Websites," Periodistas de Investigacion, Tijuana, Baja California, December 6, 1998

"Los Retos de Ecoturismo," Presentación de Mexico: Adventures in Nature, Cafe Cultura, Quito, Ecuador, November 5, 1998

Taller sobre Ecoturismo, Universidad Politecnica (ESPOL), Escuela de Turismo, Guayaquil, Ecuador, October 1998

"Marketing Ecotourism on the Internet," World Congress on Adventure Tourism and Ecotourism, Quito, Ecuador, October 19, 1998

Mexico: Adventures in Nature, Ecowise, Austin, Texas, October 1, 1998

Honduras: Adventures in Nature, Travelfest, Austin, Texas, September 29, 1998

Taller sobre Ecoturismo, ITESM - Zacatecas, Mexico, June 1998

Reading from Honduras: Adventures in Nature, Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana, May, 1998

Review of Mexico's Ecotourism, University of Texas, Austin, Texas, March 2, 1998

Ecotourism in the Americas, Florida International University, Miami, February 25, 1998

Review of Mexico's Parks and Protected Areas, Duke University, North Carolina, February, 1998

Partners in Responsible Tourism, San Francisco, February 1, 1998

Encuentro a la Frontera, Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua, November 1997

Retos Hacia el Futuro, North American Center for Environmental Information and Communication (CICEANA), November 7-8, 1997, (Mexico City)

Border Environmental Journalism, The Border and the Press, Interamerican Press Association, February 19-21, 1997, (Monterrey, Nuevo Leon)

Finding Mexico on the Internet, Florida International University, February 1996

Travel in the Age of the Internet, La Ceiba, Honduras, May 1996

Information Distribution and Ecotourism Financing, Coloquio Internacional sobre Ecoturismo en Areas Naturales Protegidas de Centroamerica , September 1996




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