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President Fox Presents Ron Mader with "Lente de Plata" Award

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ACAPULCO, Guerrero (April 24, 2002) -- Mexico's President Vicente Fox presented Ron Mader, director of the Planeta website, the prestigious "Lente de Plata" (Silver Lens) Award for's coverage of Mexican tourism.

Award Ron Mader is now a two-time winner of the award. In 1999, received Mexico's first-ever "Lente de Plata" presented to an Internet website. In recognition of that unique achievement, Mexican colleagues added enthusiastic congratulations to those expressed by President Fox.

"This is a well-deserved award for your consistant and professional work," said Rodolfo Olmedo, President of Mexico's national ecotourism association, Amtave.

The award was presented at the closing ceremony of the 2002 Tianguis Turistico, held each year in the Pacific Coast state of Guerrero.

In 2001, published work by Mader as well as Herb Felsted, David Brackney, Hector Ceballos, Alfonso Escobedo, Allan Rhodes and Sten Maldonado. A complete index was recently posted on the Planeta Mexico forum, part of the virtual tourism networks hosted by

Online forums have made interactive and kudos go out to Guillermo Abdel Musik, Fernanda Aldana, Ramon Ascencio, Denise Blaya, Bruce Conord, Marlene Ehrenberg, Verena Gerber, Manuel Grosselet, Kenneth Johnson, Arturo Lopez, Angel Nieva, Luisa Para, Raul Marco del Pont, Guillermo Romero Ibarrola, Antonio Suárez and Josep Vilet C. (Click Here for details about Red Mexicana.)

"I am honored by this award and for the opportunity to work with so many talented colleagues," said Mader.

Also in 2001, launched and/or updated regional guides for various states including Baja, Oaxaca, Guerrero, Veracruz and the Yucatan.

The other major achievement for toward the end of 2001 was the development of an ambitious project called The Mexico Network with two other major Mexico portals, Mexicanwave and Mexico Connect.

According to website statistics, receives 10,000-40,000 hits per day. The site is quite popular for its in-depth coverage of ecotourism around the globe and was recently cited in the New York Times.

Earlier this year, Ron Mader was invited to give a presentation at Ecuador's national ecotourism congress and in April 2002, he was asked by the World Tourism Organization and United Nations Environment Programme to conduct an online conference in preparation for the World Ecotourism Summit.




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