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Green Events in 2006


What we plant in the soil of contemplation, we shall reap in the harvest of action.
Garden Notebook

FLICKR ALBUM: Green Events

2007 - launches the Events Evaluation Survey. Participants are asked to review events in which they have organized or participated. Comments will be used to prepare a review of how eco-friendly and people-friendly are trade shows, academic conferences and other venues.


Events need to be more creative.

Dialogues are inherently more interesting than people reading at one another. End the tyranny of Powerpoint!

Why are so many 'eco' conferences without eco amenities? Putting shade grown coffee on the table cannot be the only measure of a green event.

Why are so many important tourism events are not blogged? Kudos to the organizers of the Civic Tourism Conference for going online and making contact with colleagues months before meeting in the natural world.

Last year the United Nations celebrated World Environment Day by focusing on city environments. Unfortunately 'urban ecotourism' and tourism were not on the primary agenda.

Will this year's World Environment Day -- focusing on deserts -- be blogged? Flickered?


We discussed the merits of city-based travel in the Urban Ecotourism Conference. There is growing interest around the world in making cities as green as they can be for travelers and locals.

Without urban ecotourism or civic tourism, how can wilderness to be respected? As Wes Jackson writes in his book Becoming Native to This Place: "The wilderness of the Sierra will disappear unless little pieces of nonwilderness become intensely loved by lots of people In other words, Harlem and Saint Louis and Iowa and Kansas and the rest of the world where wilderness has been destroyed must come to be loved by enough of us, or wilderness too is doomed."

A new amalgamation called 'civic tourism' puts cultural tourism, heritage tourism, ecotourism and geotourism into the pot. Prescott, Arizona hosted a conference in March.

"What we're trying to do is explore the issues that connect them all -- carrying capacity, authenticity, interpretation -- and find ways for them to work together," says Dan Shilling, coordinator of the event.

"We want the conference to be three days of genuine discussion, not a series of PowerPoint lectures," he said.


In January Oaxaca, Mexico hosted the 6th annual Rural Tourism Fair. The festival was targetted at a diverse group of people, including travelers and locals. As a co-organizer, provided a conference page and a popular bulletin. It's hard to believe that this was the sixth annual event, but years ago we promised to go slow!

Among the advantages of the fair is that it provided an opportunity to limar asperezas -- literally polish the rough edges -- a great way to improve social relations. participated in the Responsible Travel Forum in Baltimore on February 22nd. We also joined the NTA Spring Meet in Louisville in late March.

Online we paid attention to the World Water Forum. This event was a global focal point for global environmental collaboration. Reports indicate that the official event was prohibitively expensive to attend. Many turned to the Web for an opportunity to receive news and share information among an interested an constituency.


Responsible Tourism Forum - 5 points
Rural Tourism Fair - 5 points
Encentro Internacional Por La Naturaleza
- 5 points
NTA Spring Meet - 4 points
Business Development Symposium - 3 points
Corn Festival - 5 points
Mushroom Festival - 5 points
Civic Tourism Conference - 3 points
Role of Communication in Sustainable Tourism - 3 points
World Water Forum - 2 points



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