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Online Webinar Focuses on Parks and Tourism


Publication Date: August 2012

Parks and Tourism Webinar: Improving Communication on the Social Web (August 13-31) #rtyear2012

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In the interest of developing web literacy and information exchange among managers and providers of tourism services in parks and protected areas, Ron Mader is offering an online webinar with flexible times and dates in September.

The cost of the webinar (and Ron's focused attention!) is (US) $200 per person. Tour businesses featured in's World Travel Directory, and TAPAS members are charged $100. Details on the Planeta Wiki.


Why is this workshop important?
Professionals working on tourism and protected areas need to be effective communicators. The challenge lies in the technological revolution in the past ten years. What was prohibitively expensive a decade ago is commonplace and relatively inexpensive today. The internet, and social networking sites are increasingly used to share information in a lively an timely fashion.

The Parks and Tourism Webinar will be of most use to professionals who need some assistance with understanding the social web and making it work from them. The webinar creates a safe and fun environment to improve your own skills and to see how others are using the Web in new and inspiring ways.

Whether you need to promote events, sell tours, develop case studies, collaborate with colleagues, this workshop will help give you the proper nudge and develop new skillsets. It's a simple, inexpensive and a productive use of your time. We focus on strengthening core skills, articulating core values and developing a healthy web presence for your work.

What will be included in the course?
Participants will review and tinker with (hands on please!) more than a dozen Web channels, including blogs, Delicious, Facebook, Foursquare, Linked-In, Flickr, Google+, Slideshare, Twitter, TripAdvisor, Wikipedia, wikis and YouTube.

Instruction takes the form of daily emails as well as arranged skype calls. Web assignments and recommendations posted on Twitter. We will also post video screencasts on YouTube and podcasts on IPadio. During the webinar the Parks and Tourism Slideshare presentation will be updated to document the achievements of the participants.

What are the benefits of the course?
By the end of the course participants will be more skilled in social networking.

Course participant websites and Social Web channels will be featured on this page and in related tweets. What we learn we share in real time.

Participants are also eligible to co-teach the workshop with Ron on the ground or in their local community (with Ron's participation via distance).

Who are the courses for?
The courses are open to professionals working on tourism and protected areas. This may include protected area managers, tourism operators, owners of businesses working in tourism and conservation, guides, academics, representatives of NGOs or consultants. One of the target audiences are the 40+ generation for whom the Social Web is confusing. In particular, Ron extends a cordial invite to long-time colleagues!

How to I register?
Fill out the registration.


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