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2013 Indigenous Peoples Week
by Ron Mader


Publication date: April 2013

Everyone's invited to Indigenous Peoples Week (Aug 5-11, 2013) #rtyear2013 @nuttisamisiida @Nevada_Magazine

FLICKR ALBUM: Indigenous , Nutti Sámi Siida, TIME Unlimited, The Travel Word and Nevada Magazine are pleased to announce the dates for the 2013 Indigenous Peoples Week: August 5-11. This is our annual celebration of social web storytelling about indigenous peoples and tourism around the world. Our unconference takes place everywhere at once, so the Planeta wiki page is our conference hub.

Now in its third year, Indigenous Peoples Week is an online unconference focusing on Indigenous Peoples and tourism. Themes include biodiversity conservation, crafts, cultural heritage, food and literacy (traditional reading and writing and digital literacy -- the emerging read write culture).

Tip: Don't wait for August. Get up to speed using the social web and we look forward to your conversations!

Be Engaged: How to get involved online
Learn social web by using the social web: Blogs, Delicious, Facebook, Flickr, Foodspotting, Foursquare, Google+, Linkedin, Pinterest, Slideshare, Twitter, YouTube, Wikipedia to learn and share info about indigenous culture. Here's our checklist of communication challenges:
Blog: If you have your own blog, share stories about indigenous culture; if you don't have your own blog, add constructive comments to a blog of your choice!
Facebook: Introduce yourself on the event page; You can also recommend relevant groups and pages on Facebook
Flickr: Create an account an upload a few photos of your work. Create an album like Sami Food! There are a number of relevant groups. One of our favorites is the World Crafts Group open to indigenous and non-indigenous artisans. Another fave is the World Parks Group. The point is to share tips on indigenous tourism, embedding the info within the photo description. A plus for indigenous tourism businesses is the ease of creating a widget to share Flickr photos on websites and blogs. If you want to be generous, buy a gift account for someone whose work you respect.
Foodspotting: Please share photos of indigenous foods available for visitors.
Google+: Join the event!
Linkedin: Introduce yourself and your interest in indigenous culture on the event page
Slideshare: Favorite the overview presentation; create a new presentation/slideshow about indigenous culture.
Storify: Curate tweets or pictures
Twitter: Tweet about indigenous culture and please tweet about this page! Ask others to invite indigenous guides and artisans. Hashtag: #ipw3
YouTube: Record your own video and introduce yourself and your interest in indigenous tourism. If you are a tour company, show us something during the week. You can also curate a playlist to document indigenous culture and traditional knowledge. Example: 2012 Indigenous Peoples Week
Wikipedia: Read or edit information about indigenous culture. Bonus points if you explain how the new Wikimedia Foundation travel guide project works.
Planeta Wiki: Editors are encouraged to update pages and embed information on indigenous culture. Examples: Maori, Sami

Be Engaged: How to get involved in the natural world
Try these suggestions all year round, but Indigenous Peoples Week is a great time to start!
Visit a museum: Seek out museums that work with indigenous peoples. Bonus points if you share photos on Flickr in the World Museums Group.
Buy a craft: Support indigenous artisans by purchasing an authentic indigenous craft. Bonus points if you share photos on Flickr in the World Crafts Group.
Take a tour: There are many indigenous guides and tour companies. Make a reservation.
Create supportive work spaces: Your workplace or school can support Indigenous Peoples Week. Support staff, students and colleagues with resources.
Schedule some indigenous language time:Allocate time for an indigenous language class.
Make a sign: Put bilingual signs up where you are - signs are a visible way of showing that indigenous languages are valued.
Tip: If you create or attend a local event relevant to indigenous peoples, let us know so we can amplify the message.




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