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El Planeta Platica
Eco Travels in the Americas

El Planeta Platica (The Earth Speaks):
Eco Travels in the Americas
ISSN 1089-8395
Volume 3, Number 3
Coastal Environments
August 1996

Index: August 1996

Mangroves, turtles, reefs and tourists. Welcome to the coastline of the Americas! We take a peak at Mazunte in Mexico and tackle cruise ship pollution in the Caribbean. Includes updated information on Honduras, including a contact list and directory of protected areas!

Coastal Environments

g Exploring Extreme Diversity in Puerto Rico
Join Mary Alice Hayward on an island trek through the forests.

g Mexico: Of Turtles and Things
Herb and Carla Felsted trek to Mexico and trace a remarkable turn-around for the town of Mazunte - once a turtle killing field, now a sanctuary.

g Sea Turtles North and South
Biologist Ruth Allard recalls visiting turtle nests in Costa Rica and Florida.

g 1997 - Year of the Reef
Don't wait until next year to begin examining some weighty topics - such as coral reef bleaching.

g Cruise Ship Pollution in the Caribbean
Mary Uebersax explores the topic in an academic paper.

g Flamingo Conservation in Mexico
Roger continues his Yucatan trek and visits flamingo breeding and wintering grounds in Mexico.

Editorial: Bridges and Borders

Ecotourism offers education for both traveler and resident. It's up to our leaders, especially within the official agencies that promote tourism, to increase the educational aspects of their campaigns.

Eco Travels in Central America

g Protected Areas in Honduras
g El Pilar Archaeological Reserve for Maya Flora and Fauna
g Honduras' Butterfly Museum - Robert Lehman
g Mundo Maya Bicycle Expedition
g Ecoturismo y Centro America - Suyapa Dominguez Merlo

Planeta News

g Panama Declaration Dedicated to Dolphins - TCNB
g Linking Mesoamerica's Greenways - TCNB
g Indigenous Tribe Resisting Gold Fever - TCNB


g Networking/Job Search


Look what Melissa's cooking in her kitchen!

g La Olla Latinoamericana (Recipes): Maracuya Mousse


Eco Travels Resources

g Updated Directory of Spanish Language Schools

Extra Features - Available only on the Eco Travels WWW Site!

g Latin America and the Internet
g Sustainable Development in the Americas
g Exploring Ecotourism

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Upcoming Issues:

November 1996: South America!
February 1997: Off the Beaten Track in Mexico
May 1997: Honduras Unplugged

I'd like to take this opportunity to extend my gratitude to the following eclectic group for their encouragement and correspondence that provided direct or indirect inspiration in the creation of this and recent issues of El Planeta Platica: Mario Aguirre, Tom Ankersen, Jorge Betancourt, Kirt Barker, Laura Beil, David Bray, Bill Christensen, Brent Chism, Chris and Diane and the Tropical Conservation Newsbureau, Irasema Coronado, Kenneth Crossley, Diane Delling, Alex Dickie, Suyapa Dominguez, Steve Edwards, Herb and Carla Felsted, FIU, Mario Gutierrez Minera, James Gollin, Mary Alice Hayward, Pepe Herrero, Dalia Jakubauskaus, Jim Gollin, Jennifer Kay, Kevin Laughlin, Andrea Kraus, Miami and the entire state of Florida, Brad Martin, Deidre Meaker and Otherwise, Richard Mahler, John Muir and the other John Muir, Vincente Murphy, Ronald Nigh (mi tocayo), Lawrence Pratt, David O'Brien - (may you have no flat tires!), Amor Padilla, Derek Parent, Rene Ramos, Cyrus and Rosa Reed, Jose Sanchez, Margie Scanlon, Syntia Solomon, Erasmo Sosa, Roger Steeb, Vinna Straight, Lisa Villela, Wild Dog Magazine, Carrie Wilson, Caroline Wingate and special thanks to the people of Mexico and Honduras!

Music That Helped Put This Issue Together: Bene Mor³ - de verdad, Fobia - Mundo Feliz, Mana - Cuando Los Angles Lloran, REM - Dead Letter Office, Poi Dog Pondering - Pomegranate, Emilio - Life is Good.

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