Press Bulletin/Boletin de Prensa:
SECTUR awards "Lente de Plata" to Planeta.com website

April/Abril 1999

On April 18, 1999 the Mexican government bestowed the prestigious Lente de Plata award to Ron Mader for his website -- Planeta.com (http://old.planeta.com) and its presentation of Mexico.

President Ernest Zedillo presented the award to Mader at the Tiangus Turistico, the annual tourism fair held by Mexico's Tourism Secretariat (SECTUR). The Lente de Plata (literally, "The Silver Lens") recognized the Planeta.com website's vast resources on ecotourism and environmental issues in Mexico.

The Planeta website boasts numerous articles by Mader, as well as other writers, including David Barkin, Tim Burford, Jorge Chavez, Sandra Dayton, Herb and Carla Felsted, Greg Green, Deborah McLaren, Antonio Suárez, Sandra Skrei, Mark Spalding, Scott Walker and Anthony Wright. Among the website's most popular resources are directories of national parks, Spanish language schools and environmental travel services and outdoor destinations.

According to website statistics, the Planeta.com website receives more than 7,000 readers each month. In this month alone the site has received more than 100,000 document or page hits.

Much of the site serves as background reference to Mader's 1998 guidebook, Mexico: Adventures in Nature and includes updates to the book's first edition -- (http://old.planeta.com/ecotravel/search/tequila.html).

For those interested in Mexico's burgeoning nature travel market, the website provides more than 7,000 pages of information and continues to expand. Said Mader of the award, "This is a great honor and one that I hope benefits Mexico's home-grown ecotourism, which is simply outstanding."

Mader added: "SECTUR's recognition and award for a website based on content bodes well for the future of tourism promotion on the web as well as an understanding of the diversity of tourism in Mexico."



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